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A Promise to Carolyn Movie (true story)

The movie A Promise to Carolyn is a 1996 movie starring Delta Burke. The movie is a fact based film based on the case of baby Carolyn McMorris. 

Some words according to a family member.

The real mother did not show love towards the girls, but she did not abuse the girls physically. She also states that the part in the movie that shows that the mother had several boyfriends was not true. She said that the she did meet someone after the girls were living with their aunt. She married that man and they had a child...a boy. The real women Kay and Debra can be seen in the movie standing at the grave site.

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Timeline of Carolyn Mcmorris 1955 Lubbock, Texas Case

23 month old baby Dies Mysteriously in Lubbock, Texas Apartment
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

In December 1955, William Mcmorris lived at 412 East 34th St. Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas with his live in girlfriend Colleen Parker along with his three daughters, Debra, Kay, and Carolyn. William Mcmorris was not legally married to Colleen at the time. She was still considered their stepmother. Colleen Parker was a very abusive and emotionally disturbed stepmom, and she had little patience for the children. The girls' biological mother was not living with them. She was going through a lot of problems in her own life. She did maintain contact with the girls. The girls lived in fear most of the time while they were living with their stepmother Colleen. The oldest sister Kay, just 5 years old, did her best to protect the sisters.

December 5, 1955, Baby Carolyn Mcmorris Injury and Death

Kay Clark and her sister Debra Clark were in the kitchen when they heard what was going on in the living room. They stated that dressed baby Carolyn, and he was in the process of trying to put on her shoes. But, the baby didn't want to put her shoes on so she kept balling up her toes. Colleen was becoming visibly upset at the baby for not putting on her shoes. Carolyn, started to sense Colleen's growing frustration so she started crying. Her sisters, stepped to the door of the kitchen again to see what was happening when they saw Colleen slapping and shaking her. Baby Carolyn saw her sisters in the doorway and she reached up her arms for them to pick her up and console her. Just when they were about to pick up their baby sister, Colleen snatched her by the thighs threw her across the room. Colleen hit her head against the floor and an old rocking chair. Colleen snatched her up and took her to the bathroom and thew water in her face to make her wake up, but the baby was unresponsive. She put Carolyn in the car along with Debra and Kay. They drove to West Texas Hospital where Colleen told the doctors that the baby had fallen. Dr. Allen T. STEWART was the attending physician. Carolyn was still clinging to life while he was attending. She expired at 6pm that same evening. The death is ruled an accidental fall. The case is closed.

December 6, 1955 The Next Day
The girls Debra and Kay are with their biological mother. They tell her everything that had happened. The biological mother takes her girls to the police station to make a statement about everything that happened. When they arrived at the police station, the girls would not open their mouths. The police told the mother that there was nothing he could do because they were too young to even be taken seriously. The biological mom left with her girls and told them to never speak of it again. (no one ever found evidence of the mother's speaking with police)

1990 the investigation is reopened
No one can find evidence that the girls' biological mother brought them to the police station to speak with police. The retired detectives do not remember the event. Nor does the biological mother's description of the policeman match anyone who worked at that police station at the time.

Trial Testimony
Kay Clark, in tears, told the jury of the abuse that was going on in the Lubbock home. She also detailed how the murder occurred. When the police reopened the investigation they found that the apartments where the crime occurred had been torn down to make way for a civic center complex, and the doctor who attended had also died. They had no photos of Carolyn's injuries.

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Photo of Baby Carolyn Mcmorris

Sisters Debra and Kay (Helped Solve their Sister's Murder)

Anestry Genealogical Research Mcmorris (William Mcmorris and Colleen Parker)

1999 William T. Mcmorris Dies
Ancestry Genealogical Research for William T. Bull Mcmorris.
Born: March 31, 1923
Served in World WarII while stationed in the Army
July 22, 1956: William T. Mcmorris married Colleen Parker
Occupation: he worked as a mechanic and for a trucking company in Lubbock Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
1982: He retired
1987: his son Robert Taylor McMorris died

1999: W.T. "Bull" McMorris died on Monday, February 8, 1999. He was living in Abilene, Texas at the time. He was 75 years old. They had his funeral on Wednesday, Feb 10, 1999 at two o'clock in the afternoon. The services took place at Calvary Baptist Church. He is interned at Bomarton Cemetery in Bomarton, Texas. Archer Funeral Home officiated.

Family members still living as of 1999
Daughters: Debra Callarmn and Kay Clarke from Oklahoma City
Daughter: Janet from Wingate, Texas
Son: Edward from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Sisters: Winnie Wright and Willie Jo Bibb
Brothers: Tom, Cecil, and J.R Mcmorris.

Genealogical Ancestry Carolyn McMorris

I looked up some research on the Mcmorris family. This is not the original record, but my own summary of the record provided from the Texas Vital Statistics for Carolyn Mcmorris.

Vital Records Research for Carolyn Mcmorris of Lubbock, Texas
 by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Carolyn Mcmorris, exact name, Carolyn Yvonne Mcmorris was born in 1954 in Johnson County, Texas. She died on December 5, 1955 T 412 East 34th St. Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas. She was a White female age 1 Yr, 10 Mos, 12 days. Her father was William Taylor Mcmorris. He was born in Texas. Her mother was Mildred Johnson. No middle name listed. She was born in Texas. The person who notified officials of death was Mildred Mcmorris. The listed disease and condition was listed as accidental Subdural Cranial Hemorrhage. Carolyn Mcmorris died ten hours after initial injury. Initial injury occurred around 12-5-1955 8:00 am. The listed cause of the injury on the death certificate was a fall from a bed, which we now know was untrue. There was no autopsy performed at the time.  Allen T. STEWART M. D. the attending physician at West Texas Hospital.  She was interned at the City Of Lubbock Cemetery. Wayne Chaffin from Rix Funeral Home presided.